Monday - Friday: 9AM-5PM
Saturday: Office Closed
Sunday: Office Closed

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of office hours

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Terms and Rates

Terms and Policies

  • Quiet Hours

10PM- 7AM  Please be respectful of others.

  • Arrival/Departure Time

Arrival and departure time are not limited.  Self registration and payment are available outside office door if outside office hours.

  • Payment

Painted Rock Park accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, traveler's checks, personal checks, and cash. All fees are payable in advance and posted in the office. 
If office is closed, please put cash or check in the envelopes provided at front office door.

  • Parking

Vehicles are to be parked only on your assigned site. If you have a need for additional parking, please see the manager for assistance. 

  • Pet Policy

-Pets are welcome at Painted Rock Park.

-Do not leave dogs unattended. 

-Please be respectful of others and their pets.   

-Please take advantage of pet clean up stations and clean up after your pets.
-We ask that if you have more than one pet, please let the manager know. 
-Please keep pets on a leash at all times and if you leave the property, please make sure your pet is securely inside the RV. 
-We ask that pets be kept outside the office and laundry facility.

  • Guest Expectations

-To ensure the best experience for our guests, we want keep our sites neat and clutter free. Please help us respect our other guests visit by keeping your site clean and any noise levels low.
-Servicing and washing vehicles and trailers, putting up clotheslines, and operating generators are not allowed. 
-Alcohol consumption must be confined to your site. 
-Smoking is not allowed in the office, clubhouse or laundry facility.
-Outdoor grills and camp stoves are allowed, but open campfires are not.

Management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, losses or personal property, or losses from any cause. We reserve the right to evict, or ask to leave, any camper or visitor, at any time, for failure to observe the rules or for detrimental conduct.